[EventCalendar] Why won't EC event list show on sidebar?

Karen Kreps KarenKreps at NetIngenuity.com
Wed Mar 10 02:27:59 UTC 2010

I have EventCalendar installed on two different sites on different servers,
both use the EC sidebar widget.

On one, using the mystique, theme on Wordpress standard single installation,
the calendar won¹t display (see  the left sidebar of
http://texascoworking.com)--only the list of events will display.

 On the other (using an Artisteer-generated theme on Wordpress MU) it only
shows the calendar -- the event list won¹t display. I have the settings set
up identically. I want to get the event list to appear on (in the right sidebar). I could do without
the calendar. Why won¹t the list of events show?

What should I be doing differently? TIA.

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