[EventCalendar] Problem with Listing Widget

Remco Bron remco.bron at gmail.com
Tue Mar 2 19:49:02 UTC 2010

Hi dave,

Just wanted to second your question. I have the same problem. It's a bug in
the current version from what I understand - but I'm sure there must be some
people who hacked their way around it.

Can anyone elighten us?


On Tue, Mar 2, 2010 at 7:29 PM, David Perriard <perri at ggs.ch> wrote:

> Hey folks
> I've got a problem with the "Upcoming Event" widget, the one, that lists
> the events in chronological upcoming order.
> I have to keep "events are normal posts" because otherwise the tags won't
> work. But doing this, only the events show up, which were posted last. I
> mean: when i put the limit on 12 events in the widget, only the 12 last
> posted events show. in the right order, but leaving out all events that were
> posted too early.
> My question is now: Is is possible to rewrite the widget in order to show
> events up to a certain date (or lets say 2 months or s.th like that), and
> not a fixed limit of events. i'm not soo much into php, but if you would
> tell me where in the widget code i have to change what, i would be glad.
> doesn't have to be a nice looking solution, i don't care if i have to go
> back to the code to change the number of months or whatever.
> David
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