[EventCalendar] Re: Listing events both on homepage and by event date

Ken Gagne kgagne at gamebits.net
Fri Jan 29 12:48:44 UTC 2010

Thank you for the continuing help!

Chris: If scheduled posts don't appear on the homepage until the day of the event, then that defeats my intention of publicizing the events there, which is why I disabled the "Keep events separate" setting in the first place.  Many of these events require RSVPs, and putting them on the RSS feed the day of the event wouldn't be enough notice.  Or am I misunderstanding how this workaround works?

Jono: OK, I can put the code in functions.php without trouble.  But what is the format of a query_posts call, and where do I put it?  In archives.php?  In the content of a page? (I have ExecPHP installed)



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