[EventCalendar] New user - couple of questions

Chris G cl at isbd.net
Wed Jan 27 11:26:32 UTC 2010

I'm a fairly new user of WordPress which I am experimenting with to
see if will work for me as what is mostly a personal journal rather
than a blog.

One of the things I want in my journal is the ability to have events
to remind me to do things, so Event Calendar seemed to be almost

I originally installed version 3.1.4 but I have now moved to version
3.2.beta2 and that seems to have fixed a couple of minor problems
already (the ec3_go_prev() and ec3_go_next() didn't work but now they
do).  I'm running WordPress 2.9.1 with the Simplicity theme.

So, to my questions/problems:-

    Can an external iCalender client put new events into the ?ec3_ical
    URL? I suspect not but when I tried (from Sunbird) I didn't get an
    error or anything.

    I'm a little confused/uncertain about the relationship between the
    event date and the posting date of a post.  It seems to me that
    one *really* wants the posting date to be the event date so that
    when the event disappears into the past it will appear in the blog
    in the right place and you can add comments about what happened.
    So, ideally, what I'd expect is:-

        Future event is entered, posting date is event date so it's
        shown in the Upcoming Events and Event Calendar but not
        anywhere else (except the posts listing in dashboard of course)

        When the posting date is reached the event appears in the blog
        and disappears from the Upcoming Events and Event Calendar.

    Presumably this is just about what *does* happen if I set the
    posting date the same as the Event Date, I'd like the ability to
    do this automatically.

Chris Green

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