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karl kolk karlkolk at googlemail.com
Sun Jan 25 09:55:15 UTC 2009

On Sat, Jan 24, 2009 at 10:45 PM, Alex Tingle <alex at firetree.net> wrote:
> Hi Karl,
> On 24 Jan 2009, at 20:51, karl kolk wrote:
>> i started using eventcalendar in mid november '06 making use of a bug
>> in version 3.1.rc4 that showed the events on the front page even when
>> using the keep events separate option.
>> i recently upgraded the site to wp2.7 and the latest dev.ver. of ec3.2.
>> it is an online mag just posting concerts and exhibitions in hamburg
>> germany that too
>> often fly under ones radar. basically every post is an event.
>> the front page should display events in posting order and in the sidebar
>> the next 4
>> upcoming events should be shown chronologically.
> Isn't that the behaviour you get when you set "Events are normal posts"
> (rather than "Keep events separate")?
> I think you should start with "Events are normal posts", and then address
> the rest of your requirements.
>> i have set the option to keep events separate and managed to get the
>> desired content
>> on the front page. my loop starts like this:
>>        <?php if (have_posts()) : ?>
>>        <?php query_posts('ec3_listing=disable'); ?>
>>                <?php while (have_posts()) : the_post(); if (is_home()) ?>
> Eeek! Don't do that!
> Your first call to have_posts() is looking at the normal default query, but
> the second one is looking at the new query you've defined... the result will
> be very unpredictable, I imagine.
> I think it's best to avoid using query_posts() in your index.php. If you
> insist on doing so, then wrap it into a protective "if", like this...
>  <?php
>   global $wp_query;
>   if(is_home() && empty($wp_query->query))
>     query_posts("YOUR QUERY");
>  ?>

as i obviously do not know what some of the code does that floats around my docs
the eeek line was quickly removed.

>> unluckily all archives (archive-, category and 'next posts'-pages) are
>> empty,
>> even if i start the archive.php the same way as the index one.
>> from what i understand from the mailing-list discussions this is somewhat
>> intended
>> by alex but not what i want.
>> i'd like to have event specific queries to behave like i have set 'keep
>> events separate'
>> but the rest of the wordpress (post-pages) should behave like i haven't.
> Add ec3_listing=events to the URL, and that will do what you want.

problem is, when having events as normal posts and i try to list them
in chronological order
with ec3_listing=events or ec3_after=today the result is still in posting order.

you can watch it happen at www.elbeseiten.org. the front page is the
standard index-loop
and clicking 'chronologisch sortieren' (sort chronologically) calls
the four posts (which should be the next upcoming 4) at the sidebar
are called with

any suggestions to get the desired result?

> Probably the neatest way to do that is to add rewrite rules in your
> .htaccess file.

i'd rather won't mess with that file, just because eeek could turn oh
**** much too fast.

 >> if someone likes to help, but doesn't get my english-kauderwelsh
>> ('gibberish'), you might
>> find it helpful to have a look @ the site: http://www.elbeseiten.org
>> hints anyone?
>> brainbroken
>> karl
>> PS: thx alex for implementing the 'iconlets' - the 2 years wait was all
>> worth it.
>>        the plugin totally rocks our site.
> Yeah, wasn't that you idea? I should have credited you.
> -Alex
it was more something like a wish and i'm glad you put it into effect
so, no credit needed :)


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