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Alex Tingle alex at firetree.net
Thu Jan 22 20:30:34 UTC 2009

Ryan Geiger wrote:
> Since the response to my previous inquiry yesterday was so quick and
> informative, I thought I send another one out.  Thanks to everyone who
> responded btw, we fixed that issue.
> Can I change the add event controller {which appears at the bottom of
> the post edit page} to function on a 12 hour clock instead of 24 hour. 
> I don't have a real issue personally with this, but looking for ease of
> use for the client.

The date strings are in ISO format, so you can't really change them.

You might be able to change the time format used in the jsCalendar code. Have
a look. The JS you want is in admin.js.

> Second, if I have two shows on a day, sometimes on the big calendar the
> later show appears on top and the early show appears on the bottom in
> the day box.  I need the later show to ALWAYS appear on the bottom.

I can't reproduce this. Frankly I'm mystified.

> And third, the iconlets :-)  Using the image version, which is killer,
> can I add break after the icon listing?  The reason for this inquiry is
> the post page has an image on the left with copy on the right.  When I
> activate the icons it pushes the image out to the right.  I want the
> icons to appear under the title above the post content.  Or above the
> title and content, whatever works.

best way to do that would be simple to add a "<br/>" at the end of
ec3_get_iconlets() in template-functions-new.php.

> I look forward to your responses.

Sorry they took a while.


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