[EventCalendar] restricting calendar events by date plus misc.

Robert themauirob at gmail.com
Tue Jan 6 04:54:23 UTC 2009

I'm using EC 3.1.4 on WP 2.7. Works great for what it's supposed to do. Nice
job! It serves all my needs, except the following 3, which would make it
perfect to me:
1. is there a way to give the site visitor an option when they are on either
a tag or category page to limit events to that tag or category when they
click on a date in the calendar? (not sure what logical option to give them
if they are on an actual post page with multiple categories/tags associated
with the post... maybe an "All Events with at least 1 of the
Tags/Categories"? i know. seems like asking for alot. I can afford a little
dev cost if someone can make it work like this)
2. is it possible to automatically set the EC date/time to the WP published
time or vice versa. i use the Future Posts plugin to make sure the date/time
shows up in all output as the same. if i leave the WP publish date as the
real publish time, it seems in some places i haven't all found yet (e.g.,
RSS feeds) the WP publish time shows up. i'm doing an events site, so don't
want readers to be confused. right now, i just manually do it and it works,
but this would save me some time.
3. as mentioned above, i use EC with Future Posts plugin. it's important to
me to show the date in the post title. right now, i use the_time (WP
published time) function, but i think it would be more useful for me to be
able to call the EC event date/time into the post title. this way, for
events with multiple dates, i can code in the EC date and it'll show up
besides the post title rather than the original/first event date. a huge
time saver vs. me submitting multiple posts just so i can have the correct
event date show up in the title. is this possible? hope it makes sense.
thanks in advance all!
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