[EventCalendar] Re: Custom fields such as a location

Jonathan Bigler - EPFL jonathan.bigler at epfl.ch
Thu Aug 20 12:13:25 UTC 2009

Sounds great :-)

Actually I'm not yet at the point of customizing my template, but  
already in the admin panel, when I create a new post, an event only  
has a "start" and "end" for the date, and a "All day" tick box. I  
don't see any location or geo field. Do I need to activate this  
somewhere ? At least I didn't find anything in the configuration  
panel. A configuration file to edit somewhere ?

Thanks for the precious help !!!

It looks like a really great plug-in, does exactly what we need !

Regards, Jonathan

> EC3 supports both location and geo custom fields.  It is up to you  
> to add
> that info to your templates.  At current there is no way to support  
> more
> than one location field because all of the calendars that I know of  
> that use
> the ical format support only one field.  The only way around that is  
> to make
> duplicate posts and give each a different location.
>> Hi everyone !
>> I'm working on a project where contemporain dansers can publish  
>> videos  of
>> their latest performance and publish the dates when and where they   
>> are
>> performing. Since I want to be able to display it in a calendar,  and
>> order them by upcoming events, and since a piece (which will be a
>> wordpress post) can be performed several times, eventcalendar  
>> looks  like
>> a great option !
>> However, a piece can be performed in several locations, therefor I   
>> would
>> like for each date to be able to specify in which location it  will  
>> take
>> place.
>> I found this workaround :
>> http://wordpress.org/support/topic/176537?replies=1#post-760184
>> But it didn't work with the latest version of the plug-in.
>> Is there anyway to get some custom fields for an event ? Or at  
>> least a
>> text box ?
>> Any suggestion ?
>> Regards, Jonathan Bigler

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