[EventCalendar] Custom fields such as a location

Jonathan Bigler - EPFL jonathan.bigler at epfl.ch
Wed Aug 19 08:47:49 UTC 2009

Hi everyone !

I'm working on a project where contemporain dansers can publish videos  
of their latest performance and publish the dates when and where they  
are performing. Since I want to be able to display it in a calendar,  
and order them by upcoming events, and since a piece (which will be a  
wordpress post) can be performed several times, eventcalendar looks  
like a great option !

However, a piece can be performed in several locations, therefor I  
would like for each date to be able to specify in which location it  
will take place.

I found this workaround :

But it didn't work with the latest version of the plug-in.

Is there anyway to get some custom fields for an event ? Or at least a  
text box ?

Any suggestion ?

Regards, Jonathan Bigler

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