[EventCalendar] Two issues

Matt Steltenpohl steltenp1 at me.com
Thu Aug 13 19:44:33 UTC 2009


On the first item, you can limit the list to show a number of days.   
In the Widget, you can set it to display the next 7 days of events by  
just setting number of events to "7 days" ... Not exactly what you're  
looking for, but thought it might help while you search for the exact  
solution you need.

I've been trying to figure out your second item all day ... If you  
find a solution to it, please pass it along ...

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On Aug 13, 2009, at 2:58 PM, Comic Vs. Audience wrote:

> Hi,
> I love the Event Calendar WP plugin and I am currently using it at www.comicvsaudience.com 
>  to display upcoming Philadelphia comedy shows.  But, I have two  
> issues that if resolved would make the plugin so much better for me  
> (and probably other people):
> 1. You will see that "This Week's Shows" is using the EC sidebar  
> plugin to display links to the shows this week.  But to limit to  
> just this week's shows, I have to manually go in to the plugin and  
> change the # of events to display.  I do this every night after  
> midnight and it can be tedious.  Is there any way to display a list  
> of shows for just that week and then every Sunday the list resets  
> with the shows for the next week?
> 2. When you click on an event, it opens the post in the left of  
> course and at the top is the post date...the date that I submitted  
> the event, NOT the date that the event is happening.  Any way that  
> this could be changed?  I'd rather it's the actual date of the event  
> there at the top, if not that, then nothing at all.  I'm not sure  
> how this can be changed those as it's the CSS in my template that  
> displays all posts that way.  Or perhaps I could modify my template  
> so that if the post has the tag "shows" (which everything in the  
> calendar has), it won't display the date?
> I really would like help on these and would even be willing to  
> donate (a small amount) of money to someone that could fix them...
> Thanks!
> Dave.
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