[EventCalendar] Event detail in post

Helen Palombo hp.webdesign9 at gmail.com
Tue Aug 11 05:49:09 UTC 2009

I would like the event details  - time, date etc to show up after the
information I have included in the post e.g.

The Main Event ( post title)

a fun event for all the family BYO seating (post content)

October 22, 2009 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm  (event date and time from event

I have managed to change the formatting of the date by editing

lines 474 in template-function.php 


define('EC3_DEFAULT_FORMAT_SINGLE','<tr><td colspan="3">%s</td></tr>');
define('EC3_DEFAULT_FORMAT_RANGE','<tr><td class="ec3_start">%1$s</td>'
 . '<td class="ec3_to">%3$s</td><td class="ec3_end">%2$s</td></tr>');
define('EC3_DEFAULT_FORMAT_WRAPPER','<p class="ec3_schedule">%s</p>');

 to this

define('EC3_DEFAULT_FORMAT_SINGLE',' %s ');  //removed table formatiing
define('EC3_DEFAULT_FORMAT_RANGE','%1$s' . ' %3$s%2$s ');
define('EC3_DEFAULT_FORMAT_WRAPPER','<p class="ec3_schedule">%s</p>');

but I can't see where it inserts it in the post. Thought that it might be in
eventcaledar.php round line 568 but can't seem to change it


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