[EventCalendar] Resolved calendar only showing current months events

Erik Bertilsson erik at illunation.se
Sun Aug 9 10:19:43 UTC 2009

I managed to resolve the problem with calendar only showing current 
months events. I use Wordpress 2.8.3 and still using Event Calendar 3.1.4.
For me the problem was the plugin "All in One SEO Pack". But that 
knowledge didn't sort my problem because the SEO-plugin was necessary to 
use but I finally managed to get them to both work together!
This is how I did:
When I deactivated the SEO-plugin the ec3-calendar worked, but when i 
reactivated the SEO-plugin again the ec3-calendar stopped to work. I had 
to delete the SEO-plugin and then reinstall the SEO-plugin to get the 
two plugins to work together.

Note that it is not necessary that the two plugins does not work 
together, but if the don't, try my solution.

Best regards
Erik Bertilsson

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