[EventCalendar] Formatting Date and Showing Event Calendar by Month

Rafael Oliveira rafainri at gmail.com
Sun May 11 17:45:06 UTC 2008


Is it possible to get this output from event calendar?

	<li>Month Year</li>
			<li>Day of the Month Day of the Week

Maybe through ec3_get_schedule()??? Is there a function I can pass  
through the script to get just the month and the year, or just the  
day, or just the time?

Another thing is that I want to show the calendar on the Monthly  
Archives. I get it to work just fine but is there a way to make the  
posts not show up on the default Monthly Archive Wordpress view? For  
example, if I click on a Monthly Archive link in the Sidebar, I would  
like it to display only the Event Calendar. Is there any other way of  
doing this?

Thank You.

On 2008/05/11, at 18:39, Chris wrote:

> dutchfox,
> at a guess, it is probably because the end date on that post is 11th  
> of May - see if it disappears tomorrow!
> Chris
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