[EventCalendar] Re: EventCalendar Digest, Vol 32, Issue 10

Dr. Peter Troxler peter.troxler at gmx.net
Sun Jun 29 15:20:25 UTC 2008


I've just set up EventsCalendar in a testinstallation (which is still  
running wp 2.3.3, mainly due to lack of testing time with plugins such  
as EC3) and run a SQL query to copy the data over from EC3 to Events- 
Calendar which seemed to work fine apart (no thorough testing done,  
though, but characterset issues in title/description are ironed out)

assumptions are: post title = event title, post content = event  
description, access level = public, event location: leave empty

what I notice is that Events-Calendar is much more calendar oriented,  
while EC3 is much more post oriented

(and for my purpose I prefer the EC3 approach) -- so I'll probably  
going to investigate the wp 2.5.1 issue


this is the SQL statement you could easily run on your database to  
copy over the data (assuming that you rely on a standard installation  
when it comes to naming conventions):

> insert into wp_eventscalendar_main (postID, eventStartDate,  
> eventStartTime, eventEndDate, eventEndTime, eventTitle,  
> eventDescription)
> select wp_ec3_schedule.post_id, date(wp_ec3_schedule.start),  
> time(wp_ec3_schedule.start), date(wp_ec3_schedule.end),  
> time(wp_ec3_schedule.end), unhex(hex(wp_posts.post_title)),  
> unhex(hex(wp_posts.post_content))
> from wp_ec3_schedule
> join wp_posts on wp_ec3_schedule.post_ID = wp_posts.ID

should not be too hard to put that into a script that would do the trick

On 29 jun 2008, at 15:16, claire circuit wrote:

> peter,
> if you decide to move on, i would be interested in working with other
> people on this list to somehow convert our old EC entries for the new
> plugin. hopefully a script could do it, but i'm probably too much of a
> novice to do this by myself.
> claire
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