[EventCalendar] Upgrade gone bad

Adams, Keith KAdams1 at csuchico.edu
Wed Feb 6 23:49:44 UTC 2008

I finally upgraded my Wordpress install, which made Event Editor
disappear from Wordpress' "Write" screen.  I then updated Event Calendar
to 3.1.0.  This made the Event Editor re-appear, but it seems to be
broken.  When I try to make a new event it creates a blog entry but it
doesn't keep the event info (time & date); it doesn't show up on my blog
and if I go back to edit the post there is nothing in the Event Editor.

My install is a little unusual;  I've replaced my Wordpress theme index
page with the following, which was working before the upgrades:


//    _e('Events');
    ec3_get_events(130,'<strong>%DATE%</strong> (%TIME%): %TITLE%','','F

<?php get_footer(); ?>

Any ideas?


Keith Adams
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