[EventCalendar] Moving the database help ...

Darrell Schulte d at schulte.mn
Mon Sep 11 13:13:53 UTC 2006

On Sep 9, 2006, at 8:07 AM, Damon wrote:

> Hello - still trying to trouble shoot my "ERROR 2013 (HY000): Lost
> connection to MySQL server during query" when restoring a backed up
> database to a different server and enabling the eventCalendar plugin
> (site works with plugin disabled).  I did some more trouble shooting

Just an aside on this problem of Damon's -- I helped him "off-list"  
yesterday and we were quite perplexed about this particular issue,  
trying all manner of possibilities. The ultimate solution was to  
upgrade to the development build of the plugin and modify the future  
post dates. I don't think either of us sorted out the real nature of  
the problem. It just seemed to conspire against us.


Darrell Schulte

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