[EventCalendar] Problem with 3.0.3

Joe D'Andrea JoeDan at West21.com
Sun Jan 29 00:24:37 UTC 2006

For this particular WordPress site we're still running 1.5 (too many hacks to migrate right now)...

But I wanted to try the event listing by month (like below) so I switched to EC3.0.3

  January 2006:
     2: First event.
     5: Second event.
     5: Third event.
     14: Fourth event.

Grabbed the code for example 3 from the readme.txt 

All pages are black. 

Tried code for Example 1 and Example 2 and both work just fine. 

Any reason why Example 3 wouldn't work? 

Now the question...

How can I get the event listings to be tighter? 

I don't want any space before the first event and I want them all flush left. 

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