[EventCalendar] 3.0.3 not showing events on full page

Brenda Moon brenda at moon.net.au
Tue Jan 10 07:16:42 UTC 2006

I'm having the same problem when I go to the Events page.  I've just  
upgraded to 2.0 and to event calendar 3.0.3

I've got one future event, and I see it in the sidebar calendar and  
list of upcoming events but the events page is empty "the item you  
are looking for is not found".

I have 'keep events seperate'.



On 10/01/2006, at 4:38 PM, Aylwin Cal wrote:

> Oops, you're right!  I just logged out and tried again.  Now I get  
> the 404 error too!
> On 1/10/06, miri <miri at miriland.com > wrote:
> Am I the only one having a problem with WordPress2.0 and Event  
> Calendar? I'm starting to feel left out of the fun!
> I upgraded to the new EventCalendar and am still getting the WP404  
> error on future posts when I'm not logged in...
> At 11:29 PM 1/9/2006, Aylwin Cal wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> I've just installed this on my main 1.5.2 site and also my 2.0  
>> test site.  While I haven't been able to test it extensively yet,  
>> everything appears to be fine so far.  I'm almost ready now to  
>> upgrade to 2.0.  Thanks, Alex!
>> Aylwin
>> On 1/10/06, Rusty Smith <rusty.smith at auburn.edu> wrote:
>> Hi Alex et.al. I just installed the 3.0.3 version and it works as  
>> advertised. (I am still using 1.5.2 – this is one of the plug-ins  
>> that I was waiting for before upgrading) One other fix that is  
>> readily apparent is that the pop-up event titles now stay within  
>> the bounding width of the calendar by wrapping the text of long  
>> titles, so the pop up does not stretch outside the bounds of the  
>> theme. Nice. As always, thanks for the work, Alex.
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