[EventCalendar] 3.0.3 working like a charm

Sun, Li (Yahoo) iooi_sun at yahoo.com.cn
Tue Jan 10 05:34:57 UTC 2006

Great work! but the IE Crashing issue is still there...

Aylwin Cal <aylwin.cal at gmail.com> :
  Hi all,

I've just installed this on my main 1.5.2 site and also my 2.0 test site.  While I haven't been able to test it extensively yet, everything appears to be fine so far.  I'm almost ready now to upgrade to 2.0.  Thanks, Alex! 


  On 1/10/06, Rusty Smith <rusty.smith at auburn.edu> wrote:      Hi Alex et.al. I just installed the 3.0.3 version and it works as advertised. (I am still using 1.5.2 ?this is one of the plug-ins that I was waiting for before upgrading) One other fix that is readily apparent is that the pop-up event titles now stay within the bounding width of the calendar by wrapping the text of long titles, so the pop up does not stretch outside the bounds of the theme. Nice. As always, thanks for the work, Alex.
  Rusty Smith


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