[EventCalendar] keeping future events on the front page

Alex Tingle alex at firetree.net
Mon Jan 9 09:58:45 UTC 2006

Hi Rich,

I'm going to finalise a v3.0.3 today. That fixes some outstanding bugs 
and WP2.0 compatibility.

v3.1 is almost ready for an alpha release right now. I've hardly had 
any time to work on it in the past couple of months. I have every 
intention of pushing it out for comment later this week, but don't hold 
your breath.

Lots of the functionality that people want will be made *possible* by 
the 3.1 changes. But work remains to be done to actually implement it 
all. Part of the problem is deciding what to put in and what to leave 
out. Too much flexibility and it becomes too complicated for normal 
users to install.


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On 8 Jan 2006, at 23:52, Rich Schmidt wrote:

> Alex,
> Any update on how long until v3.1 is ready?  Just curious.  I have 
> absolutely no concept of what your projected timeline is.  :)
> Thanks again for a great plugin!
> Rich
> Alex Tingle wrote:
>> Hi Karl,
>> On Mon, 2 Jan 2006 16:33:38 -0500
>> Karl Long <karl.long at gmail.com> wrote:
>>> I just set up EC on a site here: bobalong.co.uk and i'm wondering if
>>> this is behaving correctly. I have a future even on january 18 2006,
>>> it shows in upcoming events, but it's not showing up on the 
>>> homepage. i selected to keep events as posts, but i'm wondering if 
>>> it's WP
>>> wierdness that is keeping it off the front page?
>> For now, you'll be best off taking Darrell's advice to use a normal 
>> post to 'advertise' your event on the front page.
>> In the (long delayed - sorry) v3.1, you will be able to do this with 
>> a single post.
>> -Alex
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