[EventCalendar] problem with static pages

Chuck Vohs fuzzie at vohslaw.com
Wed Nov 23 19:33:53 UTC 2005

I have the same problem as mentioned here 


            David Ellenwood <http://davidpaulellenwood.com> said,

      4 September, 2005 @ 23:07

      I've installed your plugin as part of a site that I'm setting up
      as a customized CMS. I will be using the events calandering most
      heavily and your solution is a perfect fit. However, I found that
      if I set the "Keep Events Separate" option and also try to keep
      content on static pages in WP, Event Calendar's addition to WP's
      query statement on line(s) 1055 and 1056 of eventcalendar3.php
      forgets to exclude those static pages, so all of my static pages
      come up as 404's-the query returns no posts.
      I /think/ I have corrected the issue by simply adding |"&&
      !$wp_query->is_page"| to the end of the elseif statement on
      line(s) 1034 & 1035. Just commenting on the possible bug and my
      possible fix for your info. Let me know if you see something with
      my solution that will cause problems later.

      Thanks for a great plugin,


I tied to apply this fix, but those line numbers don't have endif 
As anyone else seen this issue and figured out how to fix it?
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