[EventCalendar] Calendar hangs when changing months.

Rusty Smith rusty.smith at auburn.edu
Sat Nov 19 14:56:12 UTC 2005

Hi Alex, thanks for the great plugin.

I have installed v.3.0.2 and am experiencing a problem when navigating from
month to month. The initial load works great, but when I go to the next
month the calendar seems to hang (the javascript indicator shows but then
sometimes stops spinning abruptly, other times it keeps spinning
incessantly) without loading the date information. When the calendar is
refreshed by clicking on the name of the new month, it loads fine. Then if I
try to go back to the previous month, the same thing happens: it hangs, but
a calendar refresh makes it all right with the world.


This is the mocked-up site: http://www.protomondo.com/_ausoa


This behavior occurs in both Firefox and Explorer in winxp; (the explorer
version looks ugly; I need to do a little css work on that one!) I have not
tested it on other platforms.


The only plugin that I am currently using is "cookie timeout" by Michael
Breland; disabling it has no effect on the symptom.


I have read through the email archive and do not see an apparent fix - the
only thing similar seems to be a naming problem (reported to be fixed). I
tried renaming the posts with no punctuation at all but this also had no


Thanks in advance for any insight you may be able to offer, and sincere
apologies if this is something dumb that I am just missing...


Rusty Smith
Assistant Professor
Auburn University School of Architecture
(334) 844-5444


web: www.protomondo.com <http://www.protomondo.com/> 
wiki: www.wikifish.org/wiki/wikifish/rusty_smith
skype: rustysmith <callto://rustysmith/> 
short wireless emails to: rustysmith at sprintpcs.com


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