[EventCalendar] Re: Live calendar won't load,

John Ball ballclub at gmail.com
Mon Nov 14 04:53:30 UTC 2005

Hi Alex -- Thanks for the response. I think I may have fixed the problem,
not by debugging, but by editing the titles in my Wordpress blog. I never
typed the characters '&acirc' before. I just typed using normal text in
those titles. To fix it, I removed an apostrophe and a semi-colon for my
title entries on 10/11, and that seemed to fix the problem. This is odd,
though, because I use apostrophes and semi-colons in other title posts, and
don't have the calendar loading problem.
 Just so I can debug in the future, how did you test to see where the XML
broke? I assume you used a URL in a browser with a .xml file extension?
 On 11/13/05, Alex Tingle <alex at firetree.net> wrote:
> John,
> (I'm CCing this to the new mailing list - I'm moving all support there.)
> On 12 Nov 2005, at 02:48, John wrote:
> > I'm having some kind of problem when I click back to the month of
> > October only (other months work fine). There is some kind of
> > javascript error occurring where October's hyperlinks for each
> > relevant date don't load, and the "refresh" icon gets stuck.
> >
> > I've tried this on two different systems with the latest version,
> > and still no luck. I've also gone to each post for October and
> > modified any subject lines so there would be no weird characters.
> > Any ideas?
> You have an '&acirc;' character in the title of a blog entry on 11th
> October. That's breaking the XML.
> I'm not sure why the XML is failing. Did you a) type the character,
> or b) manually enter the HTML entity into Wordpress? If a), then try
> b) - I think it will fix your problem.
> Anyway, this is definitely a bug. I'll look into it in a few months
> time, when I'm less busy. Or can somebody else fix it? - bug in
> ec3_filter_query_vars_xml().
> -Alex
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