[EventCalendar] Re: [firetree.net] Comment: "EventCalendar 3.0"

Alex Tingle alex at firetree.net
Sun Nov 13 23:02:16 UTC 2005


(I'm CCing this to the new mailing list - I'm moving all support there.)

On 4 Nov 2005, at 17:24, Darrell Schulte wrote:
> Hey,
> <strong>heather</strong>, thanks for the fix for the valid ics  
> file. Made that change to make it work with iCal 2.0.3. Then, I ran  
> into the deal with the hour being off in iCal. Short of messing  
> with the iCal file format, I simply just changed
> DATE_FORMAT(post_date_gmt,'%Y%m%dT%H%i%sZ') as dt_start
> to
> DATE_FORMAT(DATE_ADD(post_date_gmt, INTERVAL 1 HOUR),'%Y%m%dT%H%i% 
> sZ') as dt_start
> in eventcalendar3.php.
> I figure I'll have to switch it back after DST reverts...

Does the 'Z' for GMT work now in Tiger's iCal? It really bugs me that  
it did not - I mean it's right there in the spec...


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