[EventCalendar] Event List Formatting

Jeff Morrow thegreatnorth at gmail.com
Sun Nov 13 21:15:58 UTC 2005

I have a question about formatting a list output.
For me the default event list displays as:

14 January
     Free Ski Day (8:00am)
     Big Club Meeting (7:00pm)

Is it possible to customize the format to display the list as:

Saturday January 14, 2005
     Free Ski Day (8:00am)
     Big Club Meeting (7:00pm)

Or even this if possible:

January 2005
     Saturday 14 - Free Ski Day (8:00am)
     Saturday 14 - Big Club Meeting (7:00pm)

February 2005
     Sunday 05 - Test Post

I tried playing with the custom format but could not come anywhere
close to achieving this.

Even without fixing the formatting this is still an amazing plugin.

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